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Jennifer Tipton - Burbank, USA
Homepage :

    Reine, I haven't spoke to you in a while. I decided to check out your website. Of all that you have done during your life, you are a dedicated and pure artist through and through. I really admire your talent and dedication. I like your light-hearted, yet solemn (and truthful) revelation of the cowboy culture that we are unfortunately losing. Thank you for helping all hold on to it. Jennifer

signed on 10/29/2002

David Kamaski - Jersey City, United States
Homepage : http://www.computerzargon.com

    informative website

signed on 10/28/2002

Rahul Rathod - Jersey City, United States
Homepage : Bliss Computer Repair & Netowrking

    Great Website

signed on 10/28/2002

Joe Ortiz - Acton, USA
Homepage : Cowboy-Artist

    It was a genuine pleasure meeting you last night. I could hardly go to sleep. I think your art is great! I look very forward to seeing your studio and watching you paint. Cheers, Joe

signed on 10/15/2002

derek - char, usa
Homepage : Jobs for musicians

    hi guys,just visiting!

signed on 10/04/2002

Private Krankenversicherung - Frankfurt, Germany
Homepage :

    Just happened to surf by and found this exciting website. Already bookmarked it and will be back!

signed on 09/29/2002

John M. - El Monte, USA Skins
Homepage :

    Nice site. I liked the pictures of you. It must be real hot out there in the boondocks. John P.S. When I look at the mountains I think of you

signed on 09/07/2002

Meg Oliver - CanyonCountry , CA, USA
Homepage : ME

    Hi. Your website is SUPER!

signed on 08/13/2002

Bill Adal - Northridge, USA
Homepage :

    I just finished the 7x12 foot art painting of the rendition of Jules Cheret. I would like to have your opinion about it. If you are going towards Acton city let me know so I can show you this painting at my brother's off Via Princessa St.

signed on 07/26/2002

Roger - Little Rock, USA
Homepage : Lolita

    A fantasmoghorical site! Nice art

signed on 07/14/2002

thomas - schererville, america
Homepage :

    Im sorry i just got my computer,great web site its like being at the art museum.

signed on 07/02/2002

Glen Kinner - Edmonton, Canada
Homepage : Home on the Range

    I like your page, very inspiring, I would like know how you manage all you artistic endevors? Any plans on doing any shows in Canada?

signed on 05/09/2002

Cynthia Baseman - Beverly Hills, USA
Homepage :

    Good talking with you the other day. Enjoyed checking out your site;it's well done. Richard tells me you've got a terrific new place. Good luck with it.

signed on 04/21/2002

Piscataway New Jersey Dance - Piscataway New Jersey, USA
Homepage : http://geocities.com/piscdance

    a great looking site. well laid out with great looking images.

signed on 04/19/2002

Beverly Vickter - Granada Hills, USA
Homepage :

    What a treat to view your website from your art to your music and poetry you have truly been blessed with much creative talent. Wishing you the best always.

signed on 03/06/2002

Bill Adal - Northridge, U.S.A.
Homepage :

    This is the third time we viewed your wonderful art works :) We also listened to your music. See you in class.

signed on 03/04/2002

Homepage :

    REINE: Finally got a telephone consultant to fix the lines in the Gallery and so I'm now hooked up to the web. Hope all is going well at the ranch. Talk to you soon. Jim

signed on 03/02/2002

Homepage :

    Thanks for your e-mail. Hope reading you soon again

signed on 02/15/2002

Ildiko Roxane Bocskay - Ozd/Northridge, Hungary/USA
Homepage : www.reineriver.com

    I like your pictures!Nagyon szeretheted a lovakat,amik motivalnak teged es energiat adnak neked!Your student:ROXANE

signed on 02/12/2002

Ildiko Roxane & John Alex. Bocskay - Northridge (USA) @ Ozd (Hungary) @ Deva (Transylvania), Hungary & Transylvania & USA
Homepage : N/A

    Beatiful with taste!!!

signed on 02/08/2002

Don Williams - Chattanooga, USA
Homepage :

    I Love Your music and your art to now that I've seen it You are Amazing

signed on 01/28/2002

GM Paterson - hamilton ont , canada
Homepage :

    I also write and sing and have a cowboy background wouild love to chat sometime ty GM

signed on 12/05/2001

Ariel Heart - Los Angeles, USA
Homepage : Restoration by Heart

    That is one very cool painting on your front page. Looking forward to seeing you, please let your mom know I'm sending her all kinds of good healing energy. I'm also sending love to you both! Ariel

signed on 11/26/2001

David - Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Homepage : Love me love my horse

    Nice site, would love to do an interview with you if you visit Suffolk, and let my listeners hear you over the air waves. reguards David "S"

signed on 11/08/2001

Lolita Nykiel - Beverly Hills, CA, U.S.A.
Homepage : reineriver.com

    Dear Reine, how's the new ranch? Hope you're enjoying it immensely. I got your phone message. Unfortunately, we're out of town that weekend. Please keep in touch. My address is: 134 N. Le Doux Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211. I miss your class. Lolita

signed on 10/11/2001

Shirley Fabian-Endlich - Northridge, CA, USA
Homepage :

    Great- see you next week! Thank-you for your energy and inspirations.

signed on 10/05/2001

joe bowman - tulsa Ok , usa
Homepage : don't have one

    I wish I would have gotten a chance to know you better. It would have been fun. Take care. And good luck. Look out for the one's you love. I know I will. God Bless. Joe in Tulsa.

signed on 10/03/2001

George Cummings - Valencia, USA
Homepage : GeoDimensions

    Hi Reine!!

signed on 09/20/2001

Arthur Scott-Foster - Norfolk., United Kingdom.
Homepage : Plain Mr

    Like "what I see" look forward to hearing something and adding your stuff to my collection,all the very best, Arty.

signed on 09/11/2001

jonathan E. Bosh - Palmdale, United States
Homepage :

    Enjoyed meeting you today and taking care of your trash needs. Thanks JB

signed on 09/04/2001

Barry Sirkus - Sonoma, USA
Homepage :

    Hi Reine, I'm Sam's friend from way back. Have'nt seen you in years... I liked your web site. My daughter Jenny is 13 and loves horses and rides. We liked your artwork very much. Love to see it in person some day. I saw Sam today. We try to get together when ever we can. Well gotta go. Best to you... Fondly, Barry Sirkus

signed on 08/28/2001

The Ancient One - hamilton ontario, Canada
Homepage : The Ancient One

    you are an impressive lady. my compliments on your site. may all your dreams be fulfilled. peace.

signed on 08/18/2001

Georges Anidjar - Paris, France
Homepage :

    Salut Reine, c'est tout fait par hasard que je suis tomb sur ton site et cela m'a fait revivre l'excellente journe passe avec Valerie Perez et toi-mme. Ton site est trs sympa et si tu passes par Paris, c'est avec grand plaisir que je t'emmenerai faire du cheval...franais. Grosses bises

signed on 08/03/2001

Jackie Robbins - Malibu, USA
Homepage :

    Reine's a true renaissance woman, a talented and prolific creator of fine Art, a knowledgeable and challenging instructor in many artist mediums, not to mention and experienced horsewomen who uses her passion for the sport as a true to life inspiration for her poetry and art pieces. She's a modern fiery red-headed tempest of creative energy!

signed on 08/02/2001

Russ - Morrison, Colorado, usa
Homepage : russ wright photography

    Reine- awesome site. Your passion for your work and your Lifestyle is very refreshing

signed on 06/27/2001

Homepage :


signed on 06/26/2001

Victor Kaminoff - la, ca
Homepage :

    I miss you . . .

signed on 06/22/2001

ginny more - northridge, california, USA
Homepage :

    Hi Reine: I'm in Ojai visiting an artist friend of mine and we have been visiting your web site. She loves your stuff! See you on Tuesday. Ginny

signed on 06/17/2001

From: Ida Zambito

Homepage :

    I enjoyed your art work- Nice web site

signed on 06/15/2001

Penny Kunitani - Los Angeles, USA
Homepage :

    Reine Dear, What a treat it's been, to visit your website. Thank you for sharing the richness of your creations, your boundless energy, and cowgirl buns. Hugs, Penny

signed on 06/14/2001

Pearl Schwager - North Hills, Ca., USA
Homepage :

    Didn't see my entry in your guest book so I'm trying again. Enjoyed your site a lot and can't wait to try acrylics on paper in class. See you next week. Pearl

signed on 06/12/2001

ginny more - Northridge,Ca, USA
Homepage :

    Hi Reine: I'm in Sacramento sharing your art and music with my friends. See you in class Tuesday. Regards Ginny More

signed on 05/19/2001

Patricia Leja - Mission Viejo, USA
Homepage :

    Bravo! Excellent website!

signed on 05/07/2001

Reine - Goteborg, Sweden
Homepage : ReineWorld

    Hi Reine! Your paintings are very beautiful. Kind regards from another Reine

signed on 03/23/2001

Joe Ellen Denson - San Fernando Ca, LosAngeles Ca
Homepage :

    Rein, I liked several of your paintings I cant wait for my work to look like, the sky in The California Cowgirl,The Red Bucket(shadows)in that one.Im' glad that you are my teacher. Joe Ellen Denson'your Student

signed on 03/05/2001

Tina C Steele - Crawfordsville, USA
Homepage : Tina's Country Music Page


signed on 02/13/2001

Terry from Scott River lodge - Ft. Jones, CA, USA
Homepage : Mountain Retreat/Resort

    You have lovely creations, enjoyed your expressions through your work/ Thank You!! Cherrio, Terry

signed on 01/29/2001

Eddy van Kurt - denpasar, indonesia
Homepage : http://www.balifolder.com

    nice page

signed on 01/24/2001

piscataway new jersey dance - piscataway new jersey, usa
Homepage : piscataway new jersey dance

    great looking site. vivid colors. very creative.

signed on 01/23/2001

Ronny Miller - gulf breeze, fl, usa
Homepage : Ronnymiller.com

    Nice site, best of luck, check mine out and sign my book if you want to. God bless

signed on 01/22/2001

David Bar Menashe - Hawthorne, usa
Homepage :

    Hello Reine: Great website! Iwishing you the best. I Love your painting. Keep up the good work. love you david

signed on 01/16/2001

Lars Schmidt - Aalborg, Denmark
Homepage : Danish acars homepage

    Hi there. great site. Regards Lars

signed on 01/14/2001

Andrew Graham - Studio City, USA
Homepage : affirmativecolor.com

    Reine, Wow! Your fine work as definitely influenced my client's color palettes, giving me that much more of an opportunity to create in hand, with clients, the visually stimulating interiors that bring fine interior design to life! Bravo!

signed on 12/30/2000

joe - Tulsa, USA
Homepage : joespage

    hi Reine

signed on 12/27/2000

Geoff Hayes - "Mount Numinbah" Chllingham, Australia

    Just called by to check out the updating of your website.

signed on 12/16/2000

Gary Willoughby - Culver city, States
Homepage :

    Howdy Cowgirl, A very well thought out site, but at the same time warm and friendly and very easy to traverse like the Colorado Mountains. It's just jam packed with stuff to look at!!Your art, music and poetry work hand in hand in creating the perfect mood. I hope ta see ya before the moon turns to Scorpio.

signed on 12/15/2000

CHUCK STAPEL - glendale CA, 
Homepage :

    YOU do nice work

signed on 12/13/2000

NOR - Tacoma, WA, USA
Homepage :

    Reinish, This web page reminds me of all our rides up in the Hollywood Hills...s. ..wild rides down Suicicide Mountain...running across the dump at full sd...never slowing until we reach the well...where we let the thirsty horse drink...then we go again...up up and around to the top...we look out over Los Angeles and its another day in the life of the LA cowgirls....so happy to see you have caught alot of the feeling of this life in your artwork......I miss you and cant wait for the next ride....Love Always ,Noreen "NOR"

signed on 11/25/2000

Judy Johnston - Pittsburgh, United States of America
Homepage :

    Hi...just wanted to see what you are up to. Your paintings look great..take care.

signed on 11/09/2000

G.C. - Valencia, USA
Homepage :

    Great site!

signed on 11/08/2000

Brenda/Harold Rogers - Cleburne,Texas, USA
Homepage : Cowboys-n-Cowgirls presents Harold Rogers

    I LOve your ste. I love horses and Country Music.Please visi our site and listen to some Good Ole' Country Music. thanks Brenda

signed on 10/13/2000

Chrissy - Farmington Mi, USA
Homepage : Chrissy's Country Music Pages

    Hey, wish you the best in your music carreer. You are welcome to visit my country site and post a link to yours while you are there. Take Care..

signed on 10/01/2000

Russ Catterson - Crawfordsville, USA
Homepage : Country Music

    I loved your site, tried to listen but beta version exspired gotta get updated Loved the art work, keep it coming Russ

signed on 09/29/2000

Diane Miner - Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Homepage :

    Hi Reine, Great website!!! You are quite a talented, multi-dimentional artist. I look forward to learning lots from you in our assemblage class. Diane

signed on 09/26/2000

COWBOY JOE - The Big Apple, USA
Homepage : Cowboy Joe's Radio Ranch

    Howdy - Good luck promoting our kind of music. I play REAL Western music on the radio. Have you ever considered recording my world famous radio theme song, Ragtime Cowboy Joe? Thanks. Cowboy Joe.

signed on 09/23/2000

Anne Murphy - Winter Haven, Fl, USA
Homepage : Country Recording Artist......Anne Murphy

    Very Cool site, the best of luck to you!

signed on 09/21/2000

Naturity - ?, USA
Homepage : Naturity

    Keep up the good work.

signed on 09/15/2000

Johnny Two Left Feet - York, UK
Homepage : Firing Line

    Hi good looking! Just called in to see You.. See yer soon. XXX Johnny Two Left Feet

signed on 09/12/2000

Jack and Mikki - Longboat Key FL 34228, usa
Homepage : senkarik.com

    Loved your site on our big screen. You have a beautiful horse. Bet you did not know that Mikki and I used to paint horses. Look at out site and click on our tee and note card button. It is all horse stuff. Bet you will be amazed at how good they are, since you know horses. Hugs, Jack and Mikki

signed on 07/20/2000

tony ciccariello - Jackson, NJ, usa
Homepage : tales of the borderline piney

    came by to see your works again, a fine hand you have.. tony

signed on 07/19/2000

Axel P. - Duesseldorf, Germany
Homepage : jobs

    I just wanted to say that I was here. Axel

signed on 07/01/2000

From: Heather Richards

Homepage : Singer/Songwriter Heather Richards

    Hello from Upstate Ny!

signed on 06/19/2000

Harold Rogers - Cleburne Texas, USA
Homepage : Cowboys-n-Cowgirls Presents Harold Rogers

    Hello Reine:Great website !!! and wishing you the best. Harold Rogers

signed on 06/02/2000

Sheryl McLaury - Benjamin, usa
Homepage :

    Hi Reine, I have my email now. Like the page its good. We'll talk to you later!!! Sheryl and Misty

signed on 05/24/2000

tony ciccariello - jackson, new jersey, usa
Homepage : censored in the barrens

    was at your sisters page and wandered to here, so now I have both of you on my links page. Your writing is grand, take care.. tony

signed on 05/21/2000

Reine Huber - Bothell, WA, US
Homepage : Definitive Photography

    Just had to sign as we have something unusual in common - the spelling of our first name! I have yet to actually meet someone face to face with the name Reine spelled that way - do you pronounce yours Renee?

signed on 05/17/2000

Kimberley Speed - Oakley, USA
Homepage :

    Love ya much, always!

signed on 05/15/2000

Navarda Stan - Birmingham, England
Homepage :

    A very enjoyable visit Your web pages are excellent.

signed on 04/26/2000

Jeff Rappaport - Voorhees, NJ, USA
Homepage :

    I like your site! It's very nice!!

signed on 04/18/2000

Linda & Lawrence Perlman - Minneapolis, Hennepin

Homepage :

We love Hot Summer Night! To Summer 2000 and more hot summer nights!

signed on 03/06/2000

Maruhnissa Combs - Carlsbad, CA, USA

Homepage : spinrecords.com (ha!)

Dear Reine-I have your beautiful card on my desk, and I like to play your CD when I need to breathe and brainstorm (psychic fresh air!). I grew up on a farm in Mineral Point, Wisconsin with my grandparents in a house that everyone thought was haunted, (so my Grandpa got a great deal). Your bio was the second one I did on my first day;(the first was an acid punk band I described as playing audio roadkill). The lyrical landscapes and your soft voice lulled me back to a time of crackling bonfires under stars, the smell of my pony's foamy sweat, and the freedom and dignity of innocent nature. Your art is a more than a refuge, its a trail through wide open spaces back to a home everyone should know. I would like to share your work with 2 artist friends, one is Coleman Barks, who is also a spoken word artist. He translates Rumi, a 13th century mystic poet and is from Georgia. The other is Tim Flannery, who has Celtic/Native American roots and did a CD (Pieces of the Past)to communicate with his dad who had Alzheimers (he's on our site). Please let me know of events shows dreams, goals, etc. Thanks for doing what you're doing, I think there are those who are Keepers of That Which is Good, and you're one of those. Maruhnissa:-)

signed on 03/03/2000

Todd - Chicago, IL, USA

Homepage :

Hi, I didn't get a chance to check everything out right now but what I saw I loved. I will be back to look over everthing

signed on 02/21/2000

Nancy Archerd - Ashland, Oregon, USA

Homepage :

I have been admired your work for some time and was delighted to find your wonderful web site. I am a lifelong horsewoman that has spent my life in music and am just now indulging in my lifelong unrequited passion for art. Your paintings are so free - and give so much joy. I especially like your Malibu Girls which reminds me of when I was a girl in Southern California riding on the beach (yes - in L.A.!) and Night Magic which brings back all the moonlight rides of my youth. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

signed on 02/06/2000

Patricia Blond - Washington DC, USA

Homepage :

I would like to know the price of Hot Summer Night, Acrylic on paper - saw painting in Southwest Art magazine. Thank you

signed on 02/03/2000

Submit - Harrison, AR, USA

Homepage : AltonianWeb Marketing

I came to this site through a link on your sister E.G.'s site. What wonderful and diverse talent runs through your family. I think that I will have to have some of your work for my new house. I was raised in the country and had horses all through my childhood. Your paintings are lovely.

signed on 01/24/2000

Submit - Burbank, USA

Homepage :
Very Nice Reine!

signed on 01/16/2000

Don - (Sunny) Birmingham, ENGLAND

Homepage : Saradon

Hi Reine, Thought I'd be the first to sign your guestbook in 2000 - Here's to seeing much more of your excellent work in the future. Don.

signed on 01/05/2000

Alex - Bergen op Zoom, Holland
Homepage : BRTO Radio

Hello Reine if you want your songs on Dutch radio,please send your material to: BRTO radio Alex pijnen Piusplein 46 4621en bergen op Zoom Holland in advance many thanks.

signed on 12/11/1999

Submit - melbourne, Australia
Homepage :

Love your work, Im not a country fan so thats saying something!!!

signed on 11/21/1999

Submit - Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Homepage :

Reine, I am so awestruck and inspired all at once! Art, poetry, music - it was very exciting and moving. What a great brag-book for your mom.

signed on 11/17/1999

Yves - Burbank, USA
Homepage :

Way to go girl!! Love "Night Rider" which, unfortunately, is not featured on this beautiful website. Ride on, Love Yves

signed on 11/10/1999

Carol - Shadow Hills, CA, USA
Homepage :

    This is great Reine! You look wonderful.
    Carol Sorrenti
    signed on 11/08/1999

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Submit - Los Angeles, USA .
Homepage :

    I am so blessed to have your creativity, energy and love in my life. Just hearing your voice on the phone makes my heart dance. You will forever be looked upon as a gift to the world. And on top of that you are pretty goddamn adorable!

    Rick Brodey

signed on 11/08/1999

Submit - Vanier Gallery on Marshall, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Homepage :

    It has been a pleasure to meet Reine, and we are delighted to be representing her newest creations at our gallery on Main Street. Her work gives us a magical and refreshing look into the life of a truly contemporary American Cowgirl!

    Jerry Lynn Vanier

signed on 10/29/1999

Submit - Penticton, B.C., Canada
Homepage :

    Just surfed on in to California! You're lookin' great, soundin' great and have an attractive page!

signed on 10/21/1999

Submit - Northridge, California, USA
Homepage :

    I consider myself to be "The premier California Contemporary Collector" of the works of Reine River. I have just purchased my fifth and sixth paintings. I am in awe of her talent and eye for color.Maybe one day my home will become a Reine River Gallery!

signed on 10/19/1999

Submit - Pittsburgh, USA
Homepage :

    A friend and I purchased one of your paintings (Blue Night, Orange Poppies). We are thrilled with it. It is the center of our living room, the source of pleasure for us both and frequently commented upon by our friends. We are happy we found you and your art.It is a pleasure knowing you!!

signed on 10/15/1999

Submit - Scottsdale, U.S.A.
Homepage :

    As the miracle of friendship exsists, so shall ours. Always. Lean and I will embrace, ask and I will respond, share and I will listen. Always

signed on 10/15/1999

Submit - Phoenix, USA
Homepage :

    you are a very, very talented artist, and a delightful person.

signed on 10/15/1999

Submit - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Homepage : Comstock Records, Ltd

    Greetings Reine, It was great to visit with you right here in Scottsdale at the fantastic art gallery show featuring you and your wonderful paintings. You are one multi-talented lady, and we are proud to be associated with you and your inspired creations in both music and art ! Patty & Frank - Comstock Records of Arizona

signed on 10/10/1999

Submit - York, England
Homepage :

    Hi, you sure sound as good as you look!Don't tell the wife please! Great site I will call back. Johnny Two Left Feet Supporting & Promoting Live Country Music.

signed on 10/10/1999

Submit - Tamworth, England
Homepage : Hot Country

    Thanks for the radio interview a couple of weeks ago. It's now being edited and will go out in the next few weeks. Good luck with your poems and your paintings - and bring both over to England soon.

signed on 09/21/1999

Submit - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Homepage :

    Hi, Reine! I love getting to know you and your work. Keep it up and I'll help you put it on walls ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!


signed on 09/15/1999

Submit - Johan Stessens, Belgium
Homepage :

    Dear Reine, thanks again for the great 8x10. I love your website, keep it up, Johan.

signed on 09/09/1999

Submit - Geoffrey Hayes - Rim Music Group, Australia
Homepage :

    Hi Reine, You appear to be blessed with an exotic mix of the visual artistic talents of the virtuoso Charles Russell and the musical talent of Michael Martin Murphey. But you are much prettier than those two dudes.

    Best wishes as always from down under, Australia... Geoff Hayes

signed on 07/08/1999

Submit - Glen Edwards, Nashville, Tennessee
Homepage : Wild Oats Records

All of us at Wild Oats Records in Nashville dig the CD and your paintings. Best wishes from the lunatics ---- I mean, the staff -- at Oat Central.

signed on 06/08/1999

Submit - Leslee Greathead, California.
Homepage :

Beautiful website! But then I would expect nothing less from such a diverse and talented artist.

signed on 06/08/1999

Submit - Jole & Company
Homepage :

Hi Reine, We have one of your paintings. It is a wonderful addition to our collection. Everyone always comments on how wonderful your work is and how it inspires them. It is special to know an artist of your caliber. Keep up the good work. Your friends at Jole & Company.

signed on 03/08/1999

Submit - Angela, Texas.
Homepage :

I like your page. Keep up the good work..

signed on 30/07/1999

Submit - PeelGrass Rein Wortelboer, The Netherlands
Homepage : PeelGrass

Hello Reine, here's Rein Great 'artistic' website you've created. Pleasure to look in. It's also a great pleasure to listen to your music. Keep on going with everything you're doing. PeelGrass

signed on 20/07/1999

Submit - Felix Bertels
Homepage :

Hi Reine. Congratulations on your beautiful website. We sure do like the poems too. On behalf of Arno Bierings and myself, I wish you the best of luck with your career.

signed on 19/07/1999

Submit Frank Fara & Patty Parker, Arizona
Homepage : Comstock Records

Howdy Reine, Sure enjoyed your sight and it is sure fun promoting you and your creative album of cowgirl songs & poetry to all our good friends in European radio. Your Arizona Label & friends at Comstock, Frank Fara & Patty Parker

signed on 14/07/1999

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